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Diplom (M.A.):
1986 Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen, Germany
Ph.D. :
1989 Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH,USA

Main research interests:
My research program is centered on the communication of emotions. In particular, I focus on the social factors that influence this process such as gender and intergroup relations. One line of research investigates the influence of facial appearance on the perception of emotions in men and women as well as individuals of different age. The underlying hypothesis of this research is that the level of dominance and affiliation signaled by facial appearance interacts with facial movement in a way that can enhance or attenuate in particular expressions of anger and happiness. Another line of research on social context influences focuses on emotion communication as a function of the ingroup versus outgroup status of the interaction partner. Two questions have been of interest to me in this context. First, are individuals differentially motivated to understand the emotions of outgroup versus ingroup members? and second, is emotional mimicry influenced by the ingroup versus outground status of the observed other? This line of research also included research on cross-cultural emotion communication. More recently, I have started a research program on emotion communication at the workplace. In particular I have been interested in employees' regulation of emotion expressions on order to conform to organizational display and feeling rules and the consequences for their wellbeing and satisfaction at work. In my research I generally privilege psychophysiological measures but also frequently employ behavioral and paper and pencil approaches.